기쁨과 슬픔 교차 돼

딸 골수기증자 찾던중 아버지는 사고사

백혈병으로 투병중인 김은영(왼쪽)씨와 아버지 김기준씨. 김기준씨가 지난 4일 갑작스런 사고로 사망해 안타까움을 주고 있다.

백혈병과 투병중인 딸의 골수기증자를 애타게 찾던 김기준(새크라멘토)장로가 포인트 레이(Point Ray) 해안가에서 낚시를 준비하던중 갑짜기 파도에 휩쓸리는 갑작스런 사고로 4일 별세해 안타까움을 주고 있다. 그동안 딸의 투병생활을 지켜보며 백방으로 골수기증자를 찾아왔던 김장로는 주변 지인들의 권유에 마지못해 낚시를 따라나섰다가 낚시 도중 입고 있던 방수바지에 바닷물이 유입돼 거동이 불편하게 되면서 때마침 들이닥친 큰 파도를 피하지 못하고 휩쓸렸다고 목격자들은 전했다.

김기준 장로의 딸 김은영(영어명 에스텔라 김)씨는 5일 자신의 페이스북에 “아버지의 비극적 사고에 가슴이 무너진다”고 참담함을 밝혔다. 김씨의 추모예배는 12일(일) 오후 3시 30분 새크라멘토 한인장로교회에서 거행되며 장례일정은 논의중이다. 한편 지난 4월 28일 새크라멘토 한인장로교회에서 열린 골수기증자 검사 신청에 한인 70여명이 기증을 약속하는 등 김은영씨의 쾌유를 비는 지역동포들이 대거 참석해 고된 투병을 이기고 빨리 완쾌해지기를 바란다는 응원의 목소리를 냈었다. 이윤구 새크라멘토 한인회장은 “김씨 사고소식으로 모두들 침통해있다”면서 “지역동포들 모두 김은영씨의 골수기증이 꼭 성사되기를 바라고 있다”고 전했다. (Sonya Lee , 김기준 장로 딸이 페이스북에서 아버지의 급작스런 사고를 전하고 있다) This morning, my dad went fishing with some church members who wanted to cheer him up by this trip. They went to Point Reyes where my dad has never been before. We’re not even sure who’s idea it was to fish from that spot. Apparently there are signs posted there warning of rogue waves and how dangerous it was. I know for certain, my dad probably never saw those signs. From what the church members told us, they had arrived to the location and my dad went down to the beach first which wasn’t very far from where they had parked. He set up his fishing poles and already had his waders on and began to dig for sand crabs to use as bait. The other men were unloading the car and putting on their waders. They suddenly saw the ice chest coming up and taken out to the ocean and other things so they were scrambling to get everything so they don’t get swept out but couldn’t because the water was coming up fas. They had to climb up a bit to get away from the water to prevent themselves from getting pulled in. They realized that my dad was no where to be seen and immediately called 911. It turns out from eye witnesses, my dad had his back to the water and with the wave coming in quick and hard, filling up the beach, he was pulled in. We assume his waders filled up and drowned him which is why no one could see him. Coast guards found my dad’s body floating in the water after 15 minutes of the incident. They started resuscitating him and they said he actually had signs of life after 30 minutes but lost vitals again. After an hour of trying to bring him back, they pronounced him dead.

Our hearts go out to the church members because the look of guilt was all over their faces. It was no one’s fault. It was a freak accident and no one is to blame. We pray they find peace and healing.

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